Subcription-Based Pet Waste Removal

Helping You Get Your Yard and Your Time Back.


Why Choose Us?


Never worry about extra fees or deposits. Our services are subscription based, so you know exactly what to expect.


There is no commitment, so you can change or cancel at anytime!

We Care

Dog poop is the most common way to transmit disease to other pets. It can even effect your family! We help to prevent any serious illnesses that my come for dog poop by removing poop completely from your property.




+ What do you do?

We scoop poop! We will come to your home and remove dog poop from your yard including the patios and flower beds without you having to lift a finger.

+ Why do I need this service?

Well, simply put, it's a life saver! Even though your pet is part of the family, no one wants to go pick up the dogs poop out of the yard. The thing is, letting your dogs waste pile up can cause a number of concerns for you, your family, and other pets that may be around. Dog poop is the most common way disease is spread to other dogs. It also puts your children at risk. When left out in the yard it can attract unwanted pests, leave a smell lingering, and also contimate the groundwater around you home.

+ How do Poopsie's subscription plans work?

Poopsie's subscription plans are billed monthly and you will be charged every month on the day that you signed up.

+ Which plan should I choose?

If you aren't sure of which plan is for you, just go ahead and sign up to get your consultation. At the consultation, we can discuss which plan will best suit your needs.

+ Is there an initial clean up fee?

Nope! Simply choose a plan, sign up, and all you pay is the price of the plan itself.

+ Do I have to pay for additional dogs?

Not at all! Every one of our plans include up to 4 dogs in the household. However, we do recommend plans to you that will best fit your needs, but you are not obligated to purchase the recommended plan.

+ Can I change or cancel my plan?

Yes! There are no contracts or commitments here. You are free to change your plan or cancel at anytime. It's about being flexible! Simply give us a call, 980-785-3389, and say you want to cancel, we take care of the rest!

+ Is your service year-round?

Yup! Your dog still poops whether it is blazing hot or there is snow on ground. In the event that the weather stops us from coming out, we will be back the following week to remove all waste from previous week.